Fighter Doesn’t Touch Gloves And Gets Knocked Out In 4 Seconds

Are there “unwritten rules” in MMA? Numerous individuals have indicated these unwritten principles of MMA while remarking about this video. In it, Quinton Culpepper scores a too speedy KO of Aaron Rosenblum when the two warriors met at Combat Night III.

4 Second KO. State of Florida Record

The fighters get their guidelines before the start of the first round of course. Remarkably of their corners, Culpepper has his hand brought up in the universal sign to contact gloves. In any case, Rosenblum keeps his hand up securing his face as he moves in towards Culpepper. Looks like he won’t contact gloves.

At the absolute last second, Rosenblum puts his right hand out. It could be an endeavor to contact gloves or it could be a punch. Nobody truly knows. Despite his aim, his left hand is low to the point that Culpepper is able to land a devastating right hook that puts out Rosenblum’s lights.

He is out for what resembles quite a while as the medical staff helps him to bring him back to consciousness. Numerous people have accused Rosenblum’s inability to contact gloves toward the start of the battle as the primary explanation behind his loss, even going so far as to call him a bad sport. This might possibly be valid however as usual; keep your hands up.

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