(VIDEO) When Fighters Try To Imitate Conor McGregor – UFC Compilation

Previous UFC two-division champion Conor McGregor has assumed control over the universe of blended hand to hand fighting. The warrior stunned the world when he thumped out Jose Aldo in only 13 seconds, gaining the contender the featherweight title.

“Notorius” proceeded to make UFC history by vanquishing Eddie Alvarez for the lightweight belt, making McGregor the sole contender to ever at the same time employ two division titles. In view of the majority of that, the Irish local has accumulated as much enthusiasm from battle fans for his endeavors outside of the octagon as inside.

In the video above, warriors can be seen doing their best to mirror the jazzy swagger and alluring rubbish talking of Conor McGregor. While a significant number of the UFC’s top ability neglected to catch McGregor’s swagger, battle fans can see them attempt all the equivalent.

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