Joe Rogan Explains Why It’s Hard For UFC To Discipline Conor McGregor

Joe Rogan Conor Mcgregor Background

Long-lasting UFC commentator Joe Rogan comprehends that Conor McGregor is a special talent.

Without a doubt, the previous UFC featherweight and a lightweight champion is the greatest fighter that the UFC has under contract at the present time. Fight fans could make the contention that he’s the greatest star that the promotion has ever had.

All things considered, he has caused some inconvenience outside of the Octagon that has gotten bad press. A few people may state that any press is great press, yet others may oppose this idea.

To begin with, McGregor got in a bad position when he raged the cage during a Bellator occasion to celebrate with a teammate yet wound up striking a Bellator worker practically physical with official Marc Goddard back in November.

Most recently, McGregor and a few members from his escort chose to fly from Ireland to Brooklyn, New York to get revenge on current lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

This prompted him to assault the fighter bus that had Khabib on and he was arrested.

He was accused of three counts of attack and one count of criminal mischief. McGregor still has a court date set for June fourteenth to deal with his charges.

While talking with Kevin Lee on the latest episode of his MMA Show, Rogan discussed how UFC President Dana White and other promotion officials treat McGregor differently when he acts out compared to other fighters.

“He just keeps f**king up with this kind of stuff and no one’s saying, ‘Get rid of him!’” said Rogan (transcript courtesy of MMA Fighting). “He’s worth so much money. It’s really fascinating. Imagine if Ray Borg and he switched sides. If Ray Borg showed up with all his boys and was screaming and yelling and threw a dolly at the window, it’s a done deal forever. Think about Paul Daley. Paul Daley must be at home going, ‘Motherf**ker! F**k Dana White!”

“Until you get to that stratosphere that Conor McGregor – there’s so much money to be made, that’s the problem. The rules get bent. All Paul Daley did was throw a punch at Josh Kosheck after [fight was over]. It didn’t even connect! That could have been sorted out.”

“There’s a level to the game where you’re so valuable – if Conor McGregor does a pay-per-view fight, especially if they do all that crazy nonsense with Mayweather – if they ever did that, they’re just printing money,” said Rogan. “They’re printing money. It’s so hard for them to not take that money.”

“I don’t think New York is ever letting that motherf**ker fight there again,” said Rogan. “I just don’t think they’re gonna do that. They don’t play games. That athletic commission is a different commission. They’re new to MMA and that was embarrassing to them. Him throwing the f**king dolly and the fact that they let him get in there with all his boys, the whole thing was just so thuggish.”

McGregor has not been appeared in the Octagon since beating Eddie Alvarez to turn into a two-division champ at UFC 205 in November of 2016.

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