Tony Bellew talks what would happen if he moved to the UFC

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The previous boxing WC says he wants absolutely no part of Daniel Cormier or Jon Jones.

Tony Bellew, the previous WBC cruiserweight champion and two-time victor of David Haye, is set to retire from the squared circle following a conflict with the undefeated Oleksander Usyk and, in a meeting with Mirror Sport, has wondered so anyone might hear what might occur if he somehow happened to progress to MMA.

“If I was a UFC fighter, I’d actually want to go down to 185,” he said. “I think the 185 champion is Georges St-Pierre. But that would be very hard if I’m being honest.”

“I’d look at 205 which is what I am doing easily. In fact, I’m not far off that now. But at 205 is Daniel Cormier and I would absolutely want no part of that because he would pick me apart and slam me into the floor so hard.”

“After Daniel Cormier, you’re looking at Jon Jones. And Jon Jones, in my opinion, is probably the greatest fighter and athlete the UFC has ever seen. He’s phenomenal in everything he does. He is an amazing striker, an amazing wrestler and fantastic at Ju Jitsu.”

“He’s got his own troublesome issues going on in his life but taking that aside, he is just a freak of nature.”

“Jon Jones is not someone who I would entertain in a cage. In a boxing ring, all day. In a boxing ring, a lot of them would get a good hiding. But not a cage.”

This isn’t the first occasion when that Bellew, who it must be noted is anything but a total novice with regards to ground fighting has played with MMA.

In an exclusive meeting with The Mac Life two years ago, Bellew said that he would beat Michael Bisping in both boxing and MMA.

“If Michael Bisping gets in a boxing ring with me, I would sleep him in about four minutes,” Bellew said.

“I’d want to make it a bit of a show,” Bellew added. “If I got him in a cage, I’d probably choke him in a bout two and a half [minutes]. He would try and take me down but my takedown defense is absolutely fantastic. At the point, I would reverse it around and I would choke him out.”

“I would love to go in a cage. I could do 185-pounds. Don’t get me wrong, I’d have to cut off one of my ass cheeks, but I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again.”

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